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Traditional Print


We still love paper! And we believe all kids should first learn how to read on traditional print books. Get them reading, and watch them grow in knowledge and self confidence!

 Benefits of Print Books 

  • Helps kids learn to spell unusual words 
  • Print books are better for sleep time
  • Helps with reading retention
  • Better for kids just learning to read

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Audiobook Club


Give your kids the gift of Audiobooks and open up a completely wonderful world of learning, culture, adventure and entertainment. Choose one book each month from our vast selection. 

 Benefits of Audiobooks 

  • Helps with vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Increases reading speed
  • Improves comprehension
  • Listening is the primary way we learn

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E-book Club


Give your kids the gift of reading. Dive into a new e-book adventure each month...browse over 5 million titles in the Kobo e-book store and read instantly on the free Kobo app.

  Benefits of E-books 

  • Literacy Support
  • Independence
  • Portable and searchable
  • No trees died to get that book to you!

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